Responsible Gambling


We make every effort and means to maximize our players' safety and to develop an adequate attitude towards games from them, as well as stimulate them to the responsibility that they bear, first of all, before themselves and others. Since we must not forget that games can cause material and social damage.


Problems with the game can greatly affect a person’s life. The following is information about the organization that helps problem players:

• Gambling therapy:

Get help through your website at

Download and install the Gambling Therapy app for iOS and Android.



• Determine yourself the time you spend playing a game at the Betting/Gambling Company.

• Set for yourself the maximum amount that you are ready to lose

• Do not borrow, debt, credit to bet at the Betting/Gambling Company

• Never go to gambling establishments if you are in a bad mood or depressed.


GameStop - A program that allows you to voluntarily exclude a player from the Trfbet betting/gambling service. To do this, the client must contact our team through Live chat or write to admin via email mentioned in “Contact” page on our website. The player will be deleted and his data will be stored and will not allow re-registration on the Trfbet resource.


Access to the website of minors.

Participation in gambling of persons under the age of 18 is illegal and we take our responsibility in this matter extremely seriously. Opening an account in our system is prohibited if you are a minor. We will conduct a daily check of the number of players and their age in order to prevent such case

Please note that the account in our system for any player under the age of 18 will be immediately blocked, and all available funds on it will be held.